COMING SOON: Cover Reveal on Facebook for DARK PARADISE: An Anthology

It’s been a long time coming! Our anthology of 17 Hawaiian mystery short stories has been in the planning stages for two years. On Monday, April 3, we will hold a “Cover Reveal” on Facebook for DARK PARADISE Mysteries in the Land of Aloha. (The Facebook page DARK PARADISE goes live on April 3, 2017)
The anthology, with a foreword by author Toby Neal, will be released in trade book and ebook formats at the second week of April, 2017. Each of the 17 mystery short stories is set in Hawai’i and all offer unique perspectives on living in Paradise (spoiler: it’s not all rainbows and Mai Tais.)
Plan to visit with us on Facebook, Monday, April 3. Along with the cover reveal, we will share some of the short story plotlines, details about the authors, and writing tips we’ve picked up along the way.
 Polo Beach 1 copy
My short story, He Was #2DIE4, picks up where The Rainbow Connection leaves off. This time, the accused is eighteen-year-old Emmy’s polo pony, Journey Bleu. The victim: professional stunt rider, Rhys Brennan. Emmy knows Journey is innocent of attempted murder and enlists the help of her little brother, Jackie, to prove it. Everyone loves Rhys, with his all-American good looks and ready smile. Could someone have wanted him dead? After questioning potential witnesses among the nude sunbathers at Polo Beach, Emmy has a list of suspects. Was it the disagreeable groundskeeper, Emilio? The sultry, temperamental Brazilian model, Sophia? Or horse whisperer and smooth-talking ladies’ man, Felipe?
 Polo copy
Today, the authors below will reveal a tidbit about their short story their blog. You can visit each site listed below to get a sneak peek at what is lurking behind the fabulous cover of DARK PARADISE!

Moving on to New Horizons

I need to get back into blogging. I haven’t blogged in  years. Now I’ve got this brand new website, and it needs a blog! So, here goes.

On the advice of my good friend AJ Llewellyn, I perused the fiverr (all small letters) website, where all sorts of digital services are offered starting a $5.  When I looked at the site some time ago, it was just getting started. At that time, I was leery of the many people in third world countries offering web services with little or no reviews. Since then, the site has grown into something pretty amazing.  Many more people are offering their digital expertise, including many in the US and other English-speaking countries. Most have plenty of reviews.

To test the waters, I contracted a with guy named Scott in Arizona to make a banner for Twitter and Facebook. For a fee of just $5, he spent a couple of days working with me. He actually came up with two different banners, both of which he said I can use. I currently have one on my Twitter page (get a load of the pterodactyl!)  and one on my Facebook author page ( a little too busy for my taste.) Since Scott worked so hard on them, I’ll use them for a while. In the future, I think I’ll design my own.

After finding one person who was legit and personable, I took a bigger step. I contracted with a guy named Micky in Australia to build me this website on WordPress, which includes a blog. I’m basically happy with it, though I want to add to the design (if I can figure out how!) It has all the elements I asked for, including a blog, and I think it’ll be easy enough to change things as needed.

I got a new domain name,, and paid for five years of website hosting with GoDaddy. Now I can phase out my very expensive Yahoo Small Business account,  My vacation rental business will remain Somewhere In Paradise.

If you haven’t been to the fiverr site, it’s absolutely worth a look see. If you visited the site some time ago, look again. They offer just about everything: book covers, web design, graphics, videos, writing and translation, book covers … you name it.

Aloha a hui hou kākou, until we meed again